What does it take to be a Cheeky girl? Wondering what we're looking for in our amazing employees? Wonder no more....

- a fashion forward style presentation

- a love of technology                

- ability to work quickly, efficiently, and always be multi-tasking

- 5 minutes early is 10 minutes late attitude

- work well with a creative, energetic group of women

- the desire to constantly be creating beautiful things

- understanding of trends & how they work for our customer

Cheeky Bliss is always on the lookout for exceptionally talented people to join our team!  If you're interested in a career or internship opportunity with us, check out the descriptions below!  Please note, full and part-time positions are paid opportunities.  Internships are unpaid, but they look fantastic on your future resume, and often lead to paid positions within our company. When you're ready to apply, click on this job application  link or email a resume to sales@goshopcheeky.com.



Now Accepting Applications

Store Manager - Accepting Applications/ No Current Openings.

Seeking a strong leader with the ability to multitask, work creatively with a close knit team, and is extremely goal-driven. Job includes leading the floor and directing the chaotic scene on busy days with a commanding presence and a strong leading persona. Ability to be incredibly organized, report on trends, take initiative, and anticipate needs are all musts for this job. Must be willing to work Saturdays, Holidays, &  a minimum of 40 hours per week.  Please send a resume, cover letter, and any relevant information to sales@goshopcheeky, as well as filling out our job application.


Assistant Store Manager - Part Time/Full Time, Immediate Opening

Are you the girl that everyone looks to when there is a birthday party to be planned?  Do you always take the initiative to make your bed every morning? Do you love fashion and the pursuit of all things that sparkle and shine?  Then you sound like the perfect candidate for our store management team! Please remember, this lovely lady must also be highly organized, have great communications skills, be willing to work 25-30 hours per week, and able to work during the weekends and holidays. If interested please send a resume, cover letter, and any relevant information to sales@goshopcheeky, as well as filling out our job application.


Sales Associate - Part Time/Full Time, Immediate Opening

Are you hard working? Do you love styling your friends & family? Are you creative? Do you love dogs? Can you multitask? If you answered yes to all of the above, then you're probably cut out to be a Cheeky girl! Fill out our job application and we hope to be seeing you soon!!

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